Pakistan Citizen Portal | How to make use of it

Pakistan Citizen Portal | How To Make use of it: With the increasing phenomenon in social media, multiple nations governments and the general public use the online forum to communicate with the public. The days of people going to government offices are gone, waiting in queues all day, and filling out a long-form to report their grievances or ideas. It takes a lot of forms to fill out before the authority can look at the people's proposed suggestions or remedies. In most cases, such demands and approvals do not even reach the government on time. So an electronic database for people is a must.

Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan is an emerging nation that has created a government-owned mobile app that helps connect the government to the common people. The Citizen Portal software runs on both Android and iOS. This software is an innovative platform intended to foster a participatory government that is focused on the people. The platform helps people around the country to communicate with different policy agencies and raise awareness on various issues.
People can easily provide input on the policies of the government, as well as record grievances and recommendations from the comfort of home. The citizens' forum, as with the government, helps them to foster a culture of professional performance management and ensuring that all government agencies are accountable with their defined positions and responsibilities.
You can lodge any petition through this site, from concerns of wastewater entering the road outside a rural area to cases of bribery. But first, you've got to access the software and create an account on it. How do I do it? FASHING! Ignore the steps set out below.

How to Create an Account on Citizen Portal

Next, head to either the Play Store or the App Store depending on the smartphone you have.
Scan for "Pakistan Citizen Api" and press for download on "Mount."
You need to press on the device to open it until downloaded.
Tap 'Login' after that, to create a free account.
You will be asked in the next window whether you are a citizen of Pakistan, a Pakistani overseas, or a foreigner.
You have to type in your mobile number after that.
You now have to enter your full name, gender and birth date and then tap next.
Now type your chosen username and password, and tap next.
  • After that, you have to give other details as well, such as your CNIC number, Province, District, Tehsil and your address.
You must tap on the 'register' option after entering all of the information.
You'll be directed to the app's dashboard.
You can see all the information on the dashboard about overall complaints, available complaints and many other issues.
You can lodge any complaint regarding any issue after you have created an account. Here's how you can use the Citizen Portal:

Lodge a Complaint on Citizen Portal

Open the mobile app, and type the login username and password.
You will see a "+" button on the App's home screen. Tap. Tap.
You will then be given different choices on your phone.
Choose the complaint group. For example, select 'Contact' choice if your problem is connected to the roads in your area.
You will then fill out the feedback form in the next tab.
You have to tap 'Submit' after entering all the details in the form.
The complaint will be signed in and forwarded to the agency concerned.
This platform for people functions under the success management framework of PM. The app's database is linked to NADRA and will help to verify the complaint's validity. You will, therefore, be notified after the petition has been filed with a time period within which the case is to be addressed. It is genuinely a successful technology that will take Pakistan one step closer to e-governance.

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