How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10

How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10:User experience with Windows 10 has improved by a resounding amount. The recent functionality of automated updates has allowed users to comfortably work on their machines through something without having the need to think about potential upgrades. But what do you do when a need arises to reinstall windows? This post revolves around reinstalling windows 8 and 10 on your PC.
How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10
How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10
Let's talk a little bit about the cause before we get to that part. Not digressing here, please hold a minute with me!
Unlike deferring changes and software procedures, Microsoft has also provided ample options for consumers to select from. Windows 8 has developed a tabular user interface that retains minimalism as a choice. There was an issue with patches taking a longer time to get activated so we all went home happy like dogs at the end of the day. Since windows user base is widely very large – larger than Mac OS – a number of problems emerge with impressive accuracy owing to a defragmented experience. How will that be? Ever experienced a scenario where your PC needs a full redesign of the system?

Reinstall Windows 8

Windows 8 update includes deleting the current OS – now pre-installed on a special partition – and then running Windows 8 on the same drive from scratch. You may call it a clean installation process and is often called a 'custom installation.'

A clean Windows 8 update is a method of erase-whatever-there-is-and-install-a-new-copy-of-windows. This approach could also be used as the perfect way to return your machine to its factory settings. Generally speaking, I recommend a clean install over the update, but this article is not based on my opinion – rather on a reader's ability based on need.
The following method comprises 32 steps which will clearly lead you through every aspect of the windows update series. This is how Windows 8 will be reinstalled.
How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10

Back_up Your Naughty Stuff

First and foremost, back up your valuable data either by building and storing a new directory on it or simply by transferring them to a known cloud-based storage network-Google Drive, One Drive.

Do You Have A Product Key

For a clean installation phase, this alphanumeric code of 25 digits is necessary. If you're uploading an ISO or a DVD file image, you'll need your serial key to install windows. Here's a fun hack-bit: Install the main viewer for the Win game. It is a free 5 KB file allowing you to access and log the product key to your device.

The Installation Process

Booting from Windows 8 Development Media You can boot using a USB or other suitable development medium that includes the medium file for Windows 8 Boot-log for an Optical Drive:
Plug the Windows 8 DVD into your optical drive, or insert the Windows 8 update files into the flash drive and either power on or restart the device.
Check for a Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ... message (shown above) when booting from a disk, or press any key to boot from the outside device ... message when booting from a flash drive or other USB device.
To compel the computer to boot from either the Windows 8 DVD or a hard drive with the update files on it, press a key.
If you have the device on a USB, simply plug it in and click all the Function Keys – if it's your first rodeo ever – or just the F12 key and the update sequence should boot to a command prompt to install Windows 8 on the system.

Is Media File Working?

Seeing that Windows 8 can be bought online and stored in an ISO file format, you can find that the file doesn't work. Here are a few suggestions for avoiding these problems:


You do have a Windows 8 DVD, but you need to load Windows 8 from a USB unit. This is perhaps the most prominent problem we know about.


Locate a flash drive which is at least 4 GB in size and from which you can delete all the data. Then make a Windows 8 DVD disk file and then copy it properly to a USB flash drive. That's fairly straightforward.


You downloaded an ISO file for Windows 8, and you need to install Windows 8 from a DVD.


Burn the ISO file to disk on a DVD (or BD). This is not the same as simply burning the ISO file onto a disk itself, just as you would with a music or video file.


You have downloaded an ISO file for Windows 8, so you need to run Windows 8 from a USB stick.


Choose a hard drive with a minimum size of at least 4 GB where you can uninstall everything from. So get the ISO into the USB and plug it into your device-you can easily ask your mates for their devices.
When you have Windows 8 on the download media you use, come back here and follow the instructions for booting from the disk or flash drive, as above. You will then continue with the remainder of the clean update cycle for Windows 8.
After booting up to the update window, select language, click Next, then press Install Now and wait to complete the process. The deployment cycle can take up to 20 minutes to complete so have some patience.

How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10
Later, all of your windows device keys will be rebooted from your system and present a necessary area. Type the 25-digit key, proceed to accept the End User License Agreement and then move to the custom install window. Choose your desired partition and wait for the completion of the update chain.
You should have run Windows 8 on your system in just 10 more minutes. Simple, huh?

Installing Windows 10

Have you ever seen this one before?
How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10
How To Reinstall Windows on Your PC - Windows 8 And 10

Microsoft doesn't even know what happened here.
This message sometimes comes up when you upgrade to the new Windows 10 operating system from an 8/8.1 module. And how can anyone run Windows 10 on their computers without having these problems?

How To Reinstall Windows 10 on Your PC

This is how Windows 10 will be reinstalled.
Power up the machine and click F-10 to access the BIOS. Your PC has a special boot override menu-BIOS-that enables you to bypass factory settings directly into the deep mode. Insert the windows source file whilst you are at it.
Find the Boot section once in setup. Shift the boot order from a DVD or USB-based on whether the windows image file is on an optical disk or a USB drive. Anyway, go to submenu and prioritize the disk boot order. Save your settings, restart your system, then proceed to the Install menu.
Select language, time, and currency format once you are in the Setup programme. Set input parameters, and press Next. Enter the windows key when asked and read and accept the license for the program.
Note: You can download the Windows 8-like product key viewer, and view the 25-digit number without any trouble.Select Custom Update (Windows only) from the next app.Choose the physical location for Windows Update Directory Choose the directory on the hard drive and press next. It will set the deployment process in motion.


If you have the option of updating straight to Windows 10, go ahead. Ignoring the paradox of 'Something Happened,' your system will upgrade itself – in some way. Simply set the System settings to 'system automatically' by default and the OS will do the job for you.

This is it. Play right on!

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