How To Make the Most of 2020's Ramadan

How To Make the Most of 2020's Ramadan: With coronavirus pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide, this year's Ramadan won't be the same. The Ramadan celebrations such as big family gatherings in Iftar, the market rush and mosque prayers etc. will not be the same. So this is the best time for us to discuss our interpretation of Islam at the time of this pandemic and the importance of religious responsibilities.

How to make the best of Ramadan by 2020? Only seek to get closer to Allah by giving prayers, reciting the Quran and helping the poor people to show compassion. We have plenty of time at our fingertips in this Quarantine to comment on our futures, like we have never before.

So, in this article, by praying, performing good deeds and thanking Allah for all the blessings, we will have our version of how to make the most of Ramadan by 2020.

Recite Quran Frequently

This Ramadan, after every prayer, seeks to recite the Quran and consider the lessons which Allah imparts to us. In the month of Ramadan, it is the best way to receive blessings from God. We will learn more about Islam from the Quran and it will get us closer to ALLAH too.

Worship Throughout the Day

There are other places in the day to recall Allah. Through making Duas, reciting Tasbeeh and reading or revising the memorized Surah's, we will orally participate in an act of worship. You can do such activities anytime you get time. So, by worshipping Allah, try to use the spare minutes of your life. The people who don't routinely pray, however, should first try to offer the mandatory prayers. Render it the main job on the Ramadan goals list.

Doing Charitable Deeds

Covid-19 introduced multiple types of afflictions for specific persons. It has caused reductions in the industry for others, jobs for others, poverty and other difficulties. So, we will be doing as much good as we can in this tough moment. In any way, we can be helping those who are less fortunate.
We may send meals to the needy or donate to charities such as the EDHI foundation, Shoukat Khanum, Akhuwat foundation etc. We can also make donations to the relief fund for Prime Minister Corona. Those people who don't need to worry about work, wages or next meal should be helping the needy with every little charity they can manage.

We have to understand and value our privileges in those dark times. We should, by our words and deeds, give thanks to Allah Ta'aala for all the blessings. We hope this Ramadan will bring the blessings of Allah Ta'aala upon you and your kin.
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