Top 12 Free Educational Websites

There are several colleges and universities that have formal in-class education. But we are fortunate to have some of the best world-class educational institutions that provide free online courses for people who are unable to attend daily classes either because they live in a remote city or do a full-time job etc. This is also a very good opportunity to develop our awareness and skills by enrolling some or more courses from these online platforms during the current lockout situation due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Like all public schools, colleges and universities are closed and job holders are also relaxed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's a good idea to use this period in a constructive way by developing your skills and knowledge with these free courses.

Ok, if you're an internet learner and you're searching for the most productive educational websites then you don't have to dig any further because we're going to provide you with top free educational websites in Pakistan.

We've picked the top free educational websites here, keeping Pakistani citizens' needs in mind. Such websites offer courses ranging from basic to vocational education. Let's take a one by one look at the leading insightful websites:

This website is the most advanced educational website in Pakistan as it offers video presentations and lectures on the most advanced subjects of this era such as physics, math, chemistry, biology, zoology, MCAT Physics, ECAT Physics, MCAT Chemistry, ECAT Chemistry, MCAT Biology and many more. It provides video lectures from KG to federal, Punjab and Sindh graduate schools. On this page, you'll find online experts and specialists who will direct you to your destination.


This has digitized Punjab's textbooks from class 6 to class 12 with video lectures, animations, diagrams, and immersive evaluations. The Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology textbooks are available online.

NAVTTC Free Online Courses

Pakistan's National Commission for Vocational and Technical Training (NAVTTC) provides free, globally recognised online courses in partnership with foreign universities.

MIT Open CourseWare

It is a web-based publication of all courses offered at MIT. Such courses are open to the entire world and are affordable. Is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's initiative to publish online, freely and publicly accessible all the educational materials from its undergraduate and graduate-level courses.


It provides a variety of 1350 + free online courses designed for learners of any skill or level of knowledge. Courses are offered in the business, IT, language, fitness, humanities, research, marketing and lifestyle categories.

It is also a leading online educational website that offers a number of advanced-level courses.

Open Yale Courses
Yale University has also started its online free education program just like MIT Open CourseWare.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy provides free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. You can create your account, select courses, take online courses and monitor your progress.

Video lectures of thousands of experts in programming, design, maths, science, photography, etc are available on this website.

At edX, access 2500+ online courses from 140 top institutions. Learn computer science, language, data science, business and management, engineering and humanities.

OpenLearn is free learning from the Open University of UK. Visit the URL and select the appropriate category, a list of all introductory, beginner, intermediate and advanced courses will be shown with hours of learning. Select your desired course.

BBC Languages
If you are interested in learning basic phrases of foreign languages, BBC Languages is a platform for you. It will let you learn the basic phrases of various languages.
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