Sehat Sahulat Program

Sehat Sahulat Program: The Sehat Sahulat plan represents a big step in improving social welfare. This platform ensures access to entitled healthcare for underprivileged citizens of Pakistan; the process aims to run swiftly and dignifiedly, without worrying about any financial obligations.

Benefits And Options | Sehat Sahulat Program

The Sehat Insaf Card provides the cardholders with detailed financial protection.

Both patients should have the right to free-of-cost hospitalization, ambulance care, in-patient care (both diagnostic and surgical cases), accidents, referral travel, maternity facilities and free follow-up and consultation.
By comparison to the secondary treatment facilities, eight main illnesses, including infectious disorders, diabetes mellitus, burns and road traffic collisions, last-stage renal illnesses and dialysis, viral diseases (TB, Hep A / B / C, Aids, viral liver disease), kidney dysfunction, oncology, and neurochirurgical facilities would all be protected.
The best thing about this system is that it provides public and private health-care programs. The poor couldn't even consider going to private hospitals for treatment until this system came off its own volition. For Sehat Sahulat, they will walk in these hospitals with faith to get medical services!

Sehat Sahulat Program | How To Apply For The Sehat Insaf Card?

A simple guide to using Sehat Sahulat Services is below. You'll be given a Sehat Insaf Card when prompted; here's HOW TO:
Send a text message-with your CNIC number-at 8500 to check your eligibility progress. You will be eligible to collect your Sehat Insaf Card from a card delivery centre in your district if you apply for the system.

If you are registered, you will receive the following message with a few information concerning your card:
Visit this link optionally, and enter your information for online screening. The following boxes will appear on this page; fill in them promptly:

Passing Eligibility Criteria | Your Sehat Insaf Card

Gather information and documentation needed to enter Sehat Sahulat Services after you have obtained your passport. The following records Should be with you for your identification while attending a government / private healthcare facility: Sehat Insaf Card Initial CNIC In the case of childcare: B-Form

Card Usage | Sehat Insaf Card

You can ask the dedicated SSP representative counter for more assistance after you have entered the empanelled hospital. The SSP workers must check your Sehat Insaf card and direct you to the correct care centre of the hospital.

If the patient has been admitted to the hospital, the cost of care will be deducted from the Sehat Insaf account.

NOTE: This service is not available for hospital admission in case of medical needs

Sehat Sahulat Program | Feedback

The representative of the SSP will ask you to provide input on the Sehat Sahulat System after completing treatment. For specifics of your interaction with their services contact 0800-09009. Feedback is an important development measure, so don't hesitate to keep the end of the bargain. That'll only change life for you.

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