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PTCL Online Complaint | How To Complaint Online: Here are some of the PTCL services for clients around the country.

Islamic Infrastructure, PTCL (Dial 1324).

PTCL Data Service on Cricket (Dial 1216).

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PTCL Online Complaint | SMS Complaint Service

They offer a streamlined complaint management process via mobile SMS as part of PTCL's efforts to ensure outstanding customer care and satisfaction. This program addresses the following objectives: to provide Landline and Broadband subscribers with a fast complaint registration system Removal of waiting times for complaint registration at call centres

How To | to Register Your Query

Move 1: Type in the CMP.
Phase 2: Input your area code and landline number.
Step 3: type your device code in Landline format: LL, Broadband: BB.

Step 4: Send by inserting the area code before the number (05) to 1218;

Phase 5: Collect your identification number-your case number. This means that your feedback was issued and reported against the customer care-base of PTCL.

Fast Note: Simply type in Support and send a text to 05 1218 1218 to prevent complications. A PTCL agent will email you in a few seconds – or at times, days. When the situation is consumer-sensitive, PTCL will assign a team to your assigned address.

PTCL Online Complaint | An Alternate Guide

If you visit the official website of PTCL, then on the first page there is an interactive stand.
In each move fill in your information as per the options bar. Your request will be reported immediately and your question will be answered within a matter of 1 or 2 business days.
This article focused on lodging complaints through the online complaint tool PTCL that you are currently using.
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