Iftar and Sehri Timings in Pakistan for Ramadan 2020

Iftar and Sehri Timings in Pakistan for Ramadan 2020:With Ramadan just around the corner, Muslims worldwide are preparing for the month of blessings. The faithful endure fasting during Ramadan, from dawn to dusk for 30 days. It is the season of fasting, inner contemplation, self-restraint, prayers and devotion to Allah that is enhanced. As Ramadan is just a few fleeting moments away, here's a calendar for Ramadan 2020 in Pakistan for Iftar and Sehri timings.

Iftar and Sehri Timings in Pakistan for Ramadan 2020

Ramadan is set to commence in Pakistan this year from 25 April 2020 and end on 24 May 2020. The dates can vary depending upon the new moon's visual observation.

Sehri & Iftar Timings during April / May 2020 (Islamabad Fiqh Hanafi)

Date & DaySehri
125th April, Saturday03:56 AM06:47 PM
226th April, Sunday03:55 AM06:47 PM
327th April, Monday03:54 AM06:48 PM
428th April, Tuesday03:52 AM06:49 PM
529th April, Wednesday03:51 AM06:50 PM
630th April, Thursday03:50 AM06:50 PM
71st May, Friday03:48 AM06:51 PM
82nd May, Saturday03:47 AM06:52 PM
93rd May, Sunday03:46 AM06:53 PM
104th May, Monday03:44 AM06:53 PM
115th May, Tuesday03:43 AM06:54 PM
126th May, Wednesday03:42 AM06:55 PM
137th May, Thursday03:41 AM06:56 PM
148th May, Friday03:39 AM06:56 PM
159th May, Saturday03:38 AM06:57 PM
1610th May, Sunday03:37 AM06:58 PM
1711th May, Monday03:36 AM06:59 PM
1812th May, Tuesday03:35 AM07:00 PM
1913th May, Wednesday03:34 AM07:00 PM
2014th May, Thursday03:32 AM07:01 PM
2115th May, Friday03:31 AM07:02 PM
2216th May, Saturday03:30 AM07:02 PM
2317th May, Sunday03:29 AM07:03 PM
2418th May, Monday03:28 AM07:04 PM
2519th May, Tuesday03:27 AM07:05 PM
2620th May, Wednesday03:26 AM07:05 PM
2721st May, Thursday03:26 AM07:06 PM
2822nd May, Friday03:25 AM07:07 PM
2923rd May, Saturday03:24 AM07:08 PM
3024th May, Sunday03:23 AM07:08 PM

 Fiqh Jafria Islamabad Sehri Time -10 minutes | Iftar Time +10 minutes

Sehri & Iftar Time April / May 2020 (Lahore Fiqh Hanafi)

Date & DaySehri
125th April, Saturday03:57 AM06:38 PM
226th April, Sunday03:56 AM06:39 PM
327th April, Monday03:54 AM06:39 PM
428th April, Tuesday03:53 AM06:40 PM
529th April, Wednesday03:52 AM06:41 PM
630th April, Thursday03:51 AM06:41 PM
71st May, Friday03:49 AM06:42 PM
82nd May, Saturday03:48 AM06:43 PM
93rd May, Sunday03:47 AM06:44 PM
104th May, Monday03:46 AM06:44 PM
115th May, Tuesday03:45 AM06:45 PM
126th May, Wednesday03:43 AM06:46 PM
137th May, Thursday03:42 AM06:46 PM
148th May, Friday03:41 AM06:47 PM
159th May, Saturday03:40 AM06:48 PM
1610th May, Sunday03:39 AM06:48 PM
1711th May, Monday03:38 AM06:49 PM
1812th May, Tuesday03:37 AM06:50 PM
1913th May, Wednesday03:36 AM06:50 PM
2014th May, Thursday03:35 AM06:51 PM
2115th May, Friday03:34 AM06:52 PM
2216th May, Saturday03:33 AM06:53 PM
2317th May, Sunday03:32 AM06:53 PM
2418th May, Monday03:31 AM06:54 PM
2519th May, Tuesday03:30 AM06:55 PM
2620th May, Wednesday03:30 AM06:55 PM
2721st May, Thursday03:29 AM06:56 PM
2822nd May, Friday03:28 AM06:57 PM
2923rd May, Saturday03:27 AM06:57 PM
3024th May, Sunday03:27 AM06:58 PM

 Fiqh Jafria Lahore Sehri Time -10 minutes | Iftar Time +10 minutes

Sehri & Iftar Time April / May 2020 (Karachi Fiqh Hanafi)

Date & DaySehri
125th April, Saturday04:41 AM06:59 PM
226th April, Sunday04:40 AM06:59 PM
327th April, Monday04:39 AM07:00 PM
428th April, Tuesday04:38 AM07:00 PM
529th April, Wednesday04:37 AM07:01 PM
630th April, Thursday04:36 AM07:01 PM
71st May, Friday04:35 AM07:02 PM
82nd May, Saturday04:34 AM07:02 PM
93rd May, Sunday04:33 AM07:03 PM
104th May, Monday04:32 AM07:03 PM
115th May, Tuesday04:32 AM07:04 PM
126th May, Wednesday04:31 AM07:04 PM
137th May, Thursday04:30 AM07:05 PM
148th May, Friday04:29 AM07:05 PM
159th May, Saturday04:28 AM07:06 PM
1610th May, Sunday04:27 AM07:06 PM
1711th May, Monday04:26 AM07:07 PM
1812th May, Tuesday04:26 AM07:07 PM
1913th May, Wednesday04:25 AM07:08 PM
2014th May, Thursday04:24 AM07:08 PM
2115th May, Friday04:24 AM07:09 PM
2216th May, Saturday04:23 AM07:10 PM
2317th May, Sunday04:22 AM07:10 PM
2418th May, Monday04:22 AM07:11 PM
2519th May, Tuesday04:21 AM07:11 PM
2620th May, Wednesday04:20 AM07:12 PM
2721st May, Thursday04:20 AM07:12 PM
2822nd May, Friday04:19 AM07:13 PM
2923rd May, Saturday04:19 AM07:13 PM
3024th May, Sunday04:18 AM07:14 PM

Note: Fiqh Jafria Karachi Sehri Time -10 minutes | Iftar Time +10 minutes
There you have it! These are the iftar and very timings at three major cities in Pakistan for Ramadan 2020. The timing of Sehri and Iftar in most parts of the world is to be the same.

Ramadan brings a sense of appreciation and anticipation. And now is maybe the perfect time for us to please Allah Subhana Wa Ta'aala, so that from these dark days the earth can be resurrected. May this month be the source of faith, prosperity and endless blessings for the whole Muslim Ummah. Ameen: Ameen.
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