How To Get A Standard Chartered Credit Card

How To Get A Standard Chartered Credit CAre you a Standard Chartered Bank Account Holder in Basic Laymen Words – Getting Your Hands On A Standard Chartered Credit Card? This post could then just be for you.
Try to get a credit card? Incredible.

For salaried customers, the age limit is 21-60 years.

For self-employed clients, the age limit is 25-65 years.

Monthly minimum salary for salaried clients: 40,000 rs.

The monthly minimum wage for self-employed clients: 70,000 rs.

You must have clear proof of income All personal data must conform to details matched with NADRAard:

Let's keep it fast and easy for everyone; it's not a typical topic you know about getting an account at Standard Chartered Bank. In Pakistan – as it turns out – you need considerable money in your wallet first to open a bank account at Standard Chartered.

Here's for you a little long-story-short-I'm missing the storyline; you don't need it.

The financial industry has a pre-defined set of rules and conditions when applying for credit cards-by Standard Chartered. Your record will be judged on the basis of the information given and, of course, your financial background will also be checked to eliminate any potential issues.

Do You Qualify Standard Chartered Credit Card?

According to the official website of Standard Chartered, the qualifying requirement consists basically of two things:
Age for salaried and self-employed consumers will be 21-60 years and 25-65 years.
Average monthly wage for salaried workers will be PKR 40,000 & PKR 70,000 for self-employed customers.
For evidence of proof of profit, the bank expects the following: the new wage slip/certificate for salaried clients.

For self-employed customers: Financial accounts for 6 months.
If you are visiting this section, there is a dedicated options form in place. Complete it according to your personal information, and press Submit to start the application process. Your personal data will be transmitted here-on-out, in a safe manner, through this form over the internet. Bear one thing in mind though: Credit Card processing facilities are subject to credit tests, as per Bank policies and regulatory requirements.
There is no joining charge for your records, however, the annual fee on all cards – except for Easy-Credit, Emirates Standard Chartered Platinum and Infinite – will only be forgiven for the first year. The bank can include extra paperwork, including other financial statements and credit card numbers from other institutions in the case of a non-employee banking arrangement, or becoming a business owner. These are the forms of credit cards Standard Chartered Bank offers:
Play the waiting game after verifying the submission, and meeting the due diligence of the bank.
This usually takes you about three weeks to get your credit card. The bank performs routine checks and background monitoring at this period – relating to credit records – and you may collect phone calls relating to any of this. For exceptional cases, the financial company invites consumers to either contact their customer service team or dial for more assistance on their helpline 111-002-002.

When you receive your credit card, you can expect the following benefits:
I picked up one from their webpage, so you go here.

The fact is, this bank isn't interested in any paperwork. Nearly all are done through stable online platforms and strict commitment to customer service. And, in fact, you don't have to think about much-aside from your credit rating and salary cap. If all looks good and tidy you can get your credit card in no time.

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Good luck!

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