How To Check Prize Bonds Online | Nationals Savings

How To Check Prize Bonds Online | Nationals Savings: Here are a few key points about how reward bonds can be tested online.

Go to the official National Savings website (Link: http:/ Pick reward bond size and draw date after entering the page.

Now enter your amount of reward bond, and press check. You will immediately get the answer.

You can also test bonus bonds by accessing the National Savings official website reward bond draw list.

National Savings is a Pakistani public savings bank operated by the State. It is an independent governmental body that functions under the Ministry of Finance and is operated by National Savings Central Directorate. Global Savings provides customers with several savings options with favourable interest rates. They not only deliver affordable interest rates, but they also give all deposits a 100 per cent guarantee.
Global Savings Options include: Price Bonds Daily Benefit Certificates Special Investment Certificates Special Mutual Account Savings Account Certificates

Prize bond is one of the items the majority of Pakistanis invest in. It is by far the best bet for all of the country's people. If you've invested in prize bonds and want to test prize bonds online, you can do it here:

How To Check Prize Bonds Online

Go to the official website of National Savings (Link: http:/ After that pick the value of the reward bond and draw date.
Now type the number of the reward pledge, and click on the button. You will immediately get the answer.
You can also search for prize bonds by uploading the prize bond drawing list from the official website of national savings.
Connect the http:/ link here.
Select the list of class bond prizes.
Many draw lists are to be included. Choose which one you're part of.
Look up your reward bond number in the list after uploading the list.
Note: There are several other websites where the prize bonds can be reviewed online but we recommend that you search the prize bonds via the official website of National Savings.

Prize BondsOffered by National Savings

100 Prize Bond 200 Reward Bond 750 Reward Bond Bond 1500 Prize Bond Bond 7500 Prize Bond Bond 25000 Prize Card Card 40000 Prize Bond Bond 40000 Premium Prize Bond Bond.
The draws for the bonds to the award are kept every three months. On National Savings page, you can check the date of the draws. For more news regarding the prize bonds, you can also watch this space. If you have any questions about how to test online reward bonds, please inquire in the comments section.
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