Top 5 DC Inverter AC Split Air Conditioners in Pakistan

Top 5 DC Inverter AC Split Air Conditioners in Pakistan: Hot weather is ahead, with the start of the spring season in Pakistan. Soon heat and then moisture will wash you out during the Monsoon season. There are a couple of important things you can do to prepare for the summer. The first thing is to ensure your air conditioning system is in good working order. This is better than making it a company to change. If you still have a simple air-conditioner then considering replacing it with DC inverter AC might be the right time to continue.

Top 5 DC Inverter AC Split Air Conditioners in Pakistan

Due to the overwhelming response of our valued readers, we have written this post on another article on consumer product; Auto Washing Machines i.e. Top-5 Automatic Washing Machine under Rs. 45,000 in Pakistan Why would you turn to DC inverter AC? In terms of energy prices, it actually costs 50 per cent less. In addition, inverter ACs can operate with ease in areas where voltages are lower. This can operate on generators and suitable solar panels too.
To make it easier for you to choose a suitable air conditioner, we have listed 5 best DC inverters with a cooling capacity of 18000 BTU (1.5 tonnes) Air conditioners that you can buy during the time 2020.

Top 5 DC Inverter AC Split Air Conditioners in Pakistan

1. Gree Viola Series 1.5 Ton – Heat and Cool Split AC

Gree is a Chinese major home appliances manufacturer and world’s largest domestic air conditioners manufacturer. Gree inverter air-conditioners are Pakistan’s most common converter ACs. It is equipped with the latest technology to control the speed of compressor motors which regulate power consumption depending on temperature changes. Compared to regular ac it will save more than half of your electricity usage. The sleek and lightweight design looks fantastic on your wall, and can easily cool or warm your space with its powerful throughput. Comes with regular5-year compressor and1-year replacement parts warranty, this is a must-have product if you want a high-quality air conditioning system.

2. Haier HSU 18HFAA DC Inverter – 1.5 Ton Split AC

Haier is a rising brand name of home appliances in Pakistan. It is also a Chinese brand. Haier Inverter ACs are also very much popular in Pakistan mainly due to its quality and its network of after-sales service centres across Pakistan. Haier claims that it saves up to 66% of electricity. It has a OneTouch Cleaning function. It has A-PAM DC Inverter Technology, 4-ways airflow, turbo cooling and heating. It has golden fin condenser and evaporator.

3. Dawlance Inverter – Heat and Cool – 1.5 Ton (ProActive-30)

This AC is designed specifically for people who want the perfect mix of modern aesthetics and technology in one place. You will save annual energy consumption of up to 60 per cent and its mosquito repellent technology can make your room even more comfortable. The Dawlance Proactive air conditioner is able to operate effectively on the engine, so there is no need to use the stabilizer. This can both run on low voltage and 155V. This is dual (heat and cool) mode.
It comes with 10 years compressor and a 1-year warranty for components.

4. PEL Air Conditioner –  1.5 Ton (Fit Inverter)

PEL is known for the price of home appliances and is back with a full bang. This air conditioner is one of the company’s latest offerings. Not only does it look fantastic on your wall but the new technology also saves a tremendous amount of energy. It is a high-quality product which will keep your room cool for many coming seasons. 4 Forms airflow technology can easily render the spot cold or warm. This also saves more than 50 per cent of the annual power costs.

5. Orient 1.5 Ton Ultron Classic DC Inverter Smart Edition

Comes with factory installed Smart Wi-Fi Kit that will help you to keep track the track record of the power consumption. You can also handle the routine of turning it off and on, with the aid of the MEVRIS app. Additionally, at even low voltage like 140 volts it has 50-foot long air through and operational. To ensure reliability, orient has used chips from Japan that nobody else does. It has a beautiful indoor high gloss and large outdoor device that gives powerful performance all the time. It is built with absolutely environmentally friendly technology on top of that.
These are the Top 5 DC Inverter AC Split Air Conditioners in Pakistan in 2020.


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